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Making jump rings is a simple process of wrapping wire around a mandrel tightly to make a coil, and then cutting that coil into jump rings. When making small jump rings, the hardest part is holding the wire and mandrel together. Holding two round objects together can be difficult, as they don't like to sit still as they are forced together. So… a simple jig is in order.

Commercial findings have their place, but when a designer can meld function with form, it is the best solution and tends to make a more successful and pleasing piece of jewelry.

Finishing a crocheted project can be a challenge.  Perhaps one has used a colored wire or pearls and is unable to solder on a clasp or finding.  Perhaps the wire being crocheted is too fine to use as a connector.  Here are step-by-step instructions for a simple solder-free solution to finishing a crocheted necklace using commercial, sterling silver cones.