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Full and Part-time Membership Available

Studiomates Holiday Outing

Museum of Fine Arts Boston | 2014


Metalwerx is home to 27 full- and part-time "Studiomates" who are an integral element of our community.  These impassioned resident artists include professional and part-time metalsmiths, jewelers, and dedicated students.  All Studiomates receive a 10 percent discount on Metalwerx courses and have the opportunity to assist with workshops.  Studiomates are invited to participate in the annual Waltham Mills Open Studios as well as Metalwerx's other events..

Each member has his/her own workspace in a separate wing of the building.  Membership includes access to shared soldering and polishing areas, access to lapidary equipment, specialty metalworking tools including a pulse arc welder, kiln, rolling mill, anvil, forming tools, WiFi, use of our library, and much more.

We have 11 benches available for full-time members, who enjoy 24-hour access. Don't want a full time rental? There are 18 part-time members who rent a bench for one day a week. Sublet opportunities sometimes become available.  If you are interested in becoming part of the Metalwerx Studiomate Community, please contact us for an application!

Current Members of our Studiomate Community:
Angela Chen Shing Hseih Kristin Griffin
Ellen Carno Kathy Padovano Dominique Pattin
Julia Crapo Maureen McGann Brenda Silverman
Richard Heidlage Julia Meyerson Sharon Stafford
Shirley Taylor Carol Miller Nora McMillan
Emily Glimp Wendy Jo New Kelly Tzannes
Tracey Tranen Lindsay MacFarlane Yuliya Doshen
Jerry Schultz Peggy DeMuth Peg Hoddinott
Kim Koehler Stephanie Ellis Catherine Nearhos

Current Studiomates: Need to check the bench sharing calendar? Click here!