Friends of Metalwerx Scholarship Feedback

Our Friends of Metalwerx Scholarship program provides opportunities that enable qualified students to attend classes and workshops at a reduced cost. These scholarships are intended to make Metalwerx's programs  available to emerging artists, students currently enrolled in high school or a metals degree program, as well as Waltham residents. 

The purpose of collecting feedback from scholarship recipients is to assist Metalwerx in measuring the success of our program, as well as to provide contributors to our scholarship program with accounts of the benefits of their support. Many of the foundations who support us and the individual donors who contribute to this program continue to give, because they know their gifts are providing enriching opportunities for students to learn and grow as artists. 

Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete this form and providing some insight into your experiences as a part of our Friends of Metalwerx Scholarship program. Your feedback is important and will be shared (anonymously if you prefer) with our broad community as well as current and prospective supporters of this program.

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