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Marketplace Participating Vendors

Thank you to our 2019 vendors!

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  • Art Clay World - all your metal clay tools and supply needs.
  • Azurz - Rare cabochons and gems
  • Best Built - Engraving systems, magnetic tumblers, ultrasonic cleaners, rolling mills and more! -in Otto Frei Booth
  • Charon Kransen Arts/BooksBooks and rare art catalogs
  • Dikra Gem Inc - Cabochons, faceted stones and SBBTs
  • Donna D'Aquino DeStash- selection of natural stone beads and pearls at great prices SUNDAY, OCT 20th ONLY
  • Fretz Hammers - essential hammers for raising, planishing, and all of your studio needs- in Otto Frei Booth
  • Foredom - Rotary tools, bits and buffs in Otto Frei Booth
  • GessweinOffering a wide variety of abrasives, hand tools, bench tools and more!
  • Greco Leather - Artisan quality leather cord
  • Hopkins Opal - Ethically mined and responsibly sourced opal of a wide variety including Lightning Ridge black opal, crystal opal, boulder opal, rubs, and rough.
  • Jayne Redman Rotational Bench Pin Systems - innovative bench pin system 
  • Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group - providing all types of jewelry insurance, including engagement ring insurance, watches, earrings, and even loose stones while being set.
  • Lampert- precision welding products -in Otto Frei Booth
  • Marlene Richey Art/Business Consulting - Starting a business or moving to the next level . pricing . marketing . policies . practices . procedures . goals. designing a collection . doing a show.
  • Metalsmith SocietyMetalsmith Society is a community within Instagram where jewelers support one another by sharing knowledge! A safe place where jewelers of all levels can ask questions and share their techniques.
  • Nechamkin Silver Studios - Expertly crafted chasing tools- in Otto Frei Booth
  • North Bennet Street SchoolHands-on training in traditional trades and fine craftsmanship. Exceptional programs, master faculty, and inspiring community encourage growth and mastery.
  • Orion Welders by Sunstone Engineering - Precision micro welding- in Otto Frei Booth
  • Otto Frei - All your general jewelry tools and supplies.
  • Penny Nisenbaum GG - Extraordinary pearls reliably sourced. 
  • Pepetools - functional, reliable and long lasting tools
  • Rare Earth Mining Company - Gemstones and fossils
  • Racecar Jewelry Company Inc. - Casting and design services.
  • Richard Cybulski Gems - A direct importer of fine and unusual Brazilian colored stones and bead strands.
  • Rock Deco - natural and rough cut diamonds, cabochonsin Otto Frei Booth
  • Scott Spurling Fine Gemstones- uniquely sourced and exquisitely cut, high quality gemstones
  • TerraBellaBeads- a beautiful selection of natural stone beads
  • Women's Jewelry Association- a organization supporting jewelry professionals and enthusiasts of all backgrounds SATURDAY, OCT 19th ONLY
  • Xuron - ergonomic pliers, cutters and hand tools
Many thanks to our 2019 sponsors!