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Metalwerx Marketplace



Marketplace is Metalwerx's most anticipated yearly event that showcases a diverse group of merchants and service providers catering to makers. Access to Marketplace also includes seminars, demonstrations, networking events and professional development opportunities with experts in the field. 

Metalwerx has been pushing ahead and making plans for the fall, working hard to ensure the longevity of our school, its programs and to keep our community connected and creative during these uncertain times.

It is unclear whether October will present an improved COVID-19 situation. As states reopen and COVID cases begin to rise, the prospect for a safe environment for an in-person trade show seems unlikely.

Unfortunately, because of this, Metalwerx has decided to cancel our in-person Marketplace event in October. Although we are deeply disappointed to be canceling our favorite event, one that we look forward to and prepare for all year, we are excited to present a Virtual Marketplace!

Please check back for more details regarding Virtual Marketplace happening this October!

For more information about becoming a vendor at Marketplace, contact: Liz Clark Administrative and Events Manager