Valentin Yotkov

Valentin Yotkov is a world renowned silversmith with expertise in hand chasing and repoussé. He creates one-of-a-kind objects, sculptures and trophies in any non-ferrous metal and specializes in museum-quality reproductions. Mr. Yotkov also trains Tiffany jewelers in the art of chasing and repoussé.

Mr. Yotkov has been granted celebrity status by the US government. He enjoys permanent residency with the privilege of pursuing his talent as a Master Silversmith. He is internationally recognized as a designer, artisan, and teacher in the disappearing field of silversmithing.

Trained in the old-world guild system of silversmithing, Mr. Yotkov served his apprenticeship under the masters of Europe and learned his skills in the hands-on fashion. He received the State Master Certificate in his native Bulgaria.

Techniques he has mastered include raising, creating shapes by hand from flat sheet metal; chasing, decoration hammered on the outside surface of an object; repoussé, decoration in higher relief, embossed from the back or inside surface, then chased in detail from the front; and engraving, decoration carved on the outside. He is also accomplished in wax modeling, casting, and finishing (polishing and patina).

Valentin Yotkov's art has appeared in international exhibitions in Japan, Greece, Russia, Mexico, Italy, Mongolia, India, U.S.A., and China since 1982. In addition, private collections around the world proudly include the creative genius of this Master Silversmith. We are delighted to offer his talents to our students.