Troy Hines

Teacher, studio jeweler, freelance designer, and manufacturing consultant, I have always enjoyed wearing as many hats in my field as possible. My studio work is inspired by systems in nature: molecules, cells, blood vessels. I am captivated by the way parts organize themselves into systems that appear to be chaotic, but have complex and elegant logic.

I am currently part-time faculty at UMass – Dartmouth lecturing in Metals, Enameling, and Craft History. I look forward to joining the part-time faculty at Rhode Island College in Fall 2011 as a lecturer in Craft History. I have taught various workshops at Snow Farm, and The Fuller Craft Museum. My manufacturing industry work has taken me on adventures as far away as Peru, and has challenged my inner science nerd in surprising and fulfilling ways. The field of jewelry is vast, and I enjoy exploring as widely as possible.