Teresa Mowery

Teresa A. Mowery received her B.F.A.in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from Maine College of Art in 1991. She since has spent her time between New York City and Newport, RI. Tiverton, RI is where she has found home and continues to design and create work.Her body of work spans from jewelry to sculpture and home decor. Her newest endeavor being copper table tops entirely hand drawn and then etched. Inspired by old nautical maps, she has created various cityscapes on copper including her hometown of Newport, RI. The artist starts with drawing directly onto the copper, the piece is then etched, patinated, and finished. Her jewelry work reflects her interest in patinas and color. Simple forms combined with color and texture and the use of "cold connections" create a classic yet contemporary collection.Colorful effects are also created with her more whimsical line of resin jewelry mixed with sterling silver.Her sculptural work is a combination of mixed media and encaustics. Many of the larger wall pieces begin with found objects and are created "assemblage" style combining various colors and textures to create the desired affect. The artist is inspired largely by ancient and primitive art which is evident in all of her works.