Ora Kuller

Ora is an enamel artist who works in her studio in Belmont MA.

Her passion is painting and drawing and she feels that by working with enamel, she is constantly challenging herself.

Shaping either copper or silver into intricate shapes, she enamels each element using various enameling methods like cloisonné, etching etc. After the initial enameling, she draws and paints taking advantage of the depth that exists in the glassy enamel to create the right look and mood. By placing several of the specifically enameled shapes together, Ora compose her artwork utilizing jewelry objects to act as enhancing and connecting elements. Ora's subject matter is mostly personal and varies from portraits of people that she loves to places, stories and times that impressed her deeply.
Her work has been published in Karen Cohen's book "The art of Fine Enameling", in Lilyan Bacharach's books: "Enameling with Professionals" and in the second
and expanded edition of that book called

“Contemporary Enameling”. She has also published articles in “Glass On Metal” about her work.

Ora teaches enamel in Lexington Arts and Craft Society and gave a week long workshop in Mexico City. She welcomes enamel students and friends to her house to see her work and learn about it.