Nicole Ringgold

Nicole Ringgold’s art is inspired by plants she encounters while hiking, a rock, shell or piece of beach glass, and anything that catches her eye in her natural surroundings.

Nicole is a silversmith living in the Methow Valley in Washington state, a picturesque area nestled in the North Cascade mountains. She is an outdoor enthusiast, gardener, wife and mother, farmer, and world wanderer. Her studio is situated inside a bright greenhouse constructed of recycled materials.

Many people assume that Nicole’s nature-inspired work is cast, dipped or electroformed. Instead, she painstakingly creates each piece with silver sheet and wire which she saws, solders, files, textures, and forms with hammers. She recreates nature with as much detail as possible to make the metal appear alive.

When not in her studio, you can find Nicole with her family and 2 labradors, tilling soil in her garden, or wandering around the mountains seeking inspiration for her next creation.