Hadar Jacobson

Hadar Jacobson has been a metal clay artist and instructor for the past 15 years. She teaches classes at her studio and workshops around the world.

She has published three books about metal clay: The Handbook of Metal Clay: Textures and Forms (now in its second edition), Silver and Bronze Clay: Movement and Mechanisms, and Mixed Metal Jewelry from Metal Clay. She often publishes articles in professional magazines. Hadar's Blog is an ongoing tutorial about metal clay.

In addition, Hadar her own brand of metal clay, Hadar's Clay™. It is available in copper, bronze, steel, and White Bronze.a manufacturer of copper,bronze, white bronze, and steel clay in a powder from.

You an see her work on her website: www.artinsilver.com, and read about base metal clay on her blog: www.artinsilver.com/blog.