Charley Freiberg

Charley Freiberg has been a commercial photographer since 1980. He regularly photograph for almost 300 artists and craftspeople around the US including our very own instructor, Paulette Werger.  His other clients include: McGraw-Hill , IBM, Brookstone catalog, NCR (National Cash Register), NEC (Nippon Electric Corp.), Walker Power Inc, and over 200 other small, medium and large businesses. 

He has traveled around the US, Europe, and the Caribbean for clients, including: Stahlman Engineering,  Hinckley yachts,  Boating, Yachting, US Travel, Travel South, Fine Woodworking, Home and Garden, and other magazines.  He has photographed somewhere around 60 magazine covers for publications such as: Rod and Reel, Byte Magazine, Popular Computing, Yankee, New Hampshire Profiles,  Fine Homebuilding.  ​

In addition, Charley has been photographing for historic documentation consultants for nearly 20 years. You can see some of the work on the Library of Congress site or gracing the back rooms of most New England state archives. Some of the work he has done can be viewed on hiswebsite: (Currently under maintenance).