Brian Meek

A metalsmith since the age of 15, Brian has spent his life mastering a number of techniques. Having studied at Syracuse University, as well as City of London Polytechnic (now London Metropolitan University), he rounded off his technical training at the Cranbrook Academy of Art with a Masters of Fine Art in Metalsmithing.

An international award winner, he has exhibited internationally, and published numerous papers and articles on such topics as Korean damascene, married metals, and improvements to jeweler's tools. Known for his ability to turn the most difficult techniques into simple projects, his expertise on areas such as reactive metals and jewelry equipment are regularly sought out.

Brian has taught jewelry to a variety of audiences, from university students to fellow jewelers in workshops. He spent 12 years teaching at Santa Barbara City College's Adult-Ed program -- widely recognized as one of the best community based jewelry programs in the country -- where he brought out the best in non-traditional students. He is currently the number two at Knew Concepts, and has been instrumental in the design and production of their innovative range of jeweler's tools.

His commissions have ranged from liturgical chalices and platinum wedding rings to spare parts for a Sherman tank. His eclectic range of skills has made him the 'resident tool geek' and go-to-guy wherever he has gone.

For those who follow's "Orchid List" for jewelers, he posts regularly as "Alberic", and is the originator of the infamous 'Frankenbench' Jeweler’s bench plans.