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Explore synclastic forming, anticlastic forming, and spiculums, while learning to hammer comfortably and with control. In this live, virtual course, students will create concave and convex curves to transform a flat piece of metal into elegant fluidity through domed synclasts, saddle-like anticlasts, and tapered tube spiculums. 

Learning will focus on the jewelry scale during this workshop to save time. Demos will be followed by in-class work time, with the instructor available for real-time assistance. Students will need two devices: laptop, desktop, or tablet for watching demos, and phone or tablet camera for instructor to see and help during work time.

Hammers, stakes, metal and other tools will be sent to each student in the form of a materials kit to use during the workshop and may be purchased or returned after the workshop ends. Please read the Materials & Tools tab

This course will consist of three sessions. Each session will consist of the following:

  • Demonstrations and work time from 10:00AM to 12:30PM
  • Off-camera lunch break or independent work time from 12:30PM to 2:00PM
  • Demonstrations and work time from 2:00PM to 4:30PM

There will be a no-class day between each session to allow students ample time to practice independently or rest. 

Class will be held live via Zoom during the designated time frames. A link to the Zoom meeting will be sent via email. 

Meet the Instructor

Cynthia Eid

Whether using hammers and stakes, or hydraulic press tools, Cynthia's sculptural jewelry and hollowware shows her focus on exploring the fluidity with which metal can be moved, formed, and joined.

Cynthia Eid co-authored the book Creative Metal Forming, with Betty Helen Longhi, published in 2013 by Tim McCreight's Brynmorgen Press. In his foreword for the book, Michael Good says the authors "have succeeded in assembling the first comprehensive textbook on synclastic and anticlastic forming." (More about the book available at  

Cynthia and Betty developed a set of anticlastic stakes, and Eid also works with Knew Concepts and Bonny Doon to help make tools for jewelers and metalsmiths. Lee Marshall has dubbed Cynthia Eid "Godmother of the Knew Concept Saws" since it was her idea for him to produce these saws for jewelers.

Excited about working in sterling silver without the problem of firescale, Cynthia has been working with Argentium Silver since 1999. After meeting Peter Johns (the inventor of Argentium Silver) in 2003, Eid has participated in AS's development. Argentium International, Ltd recognizes her as a Pioneer.

Cynthia Eid's metalwork has won awards for creativity and design, been featured in many publications, and been exhibited internationally. With a BS in Art Education and MFA in Jewelry, Design, and Silversmithing, she has previously worked as a bench jeweler for fine goldsmiths, a model-maker in a gold jewelry factory, and on private commissions. Her work is in museums in the US and UK. Currently an independent metalsmith and educator, she teaches weekly classes at Metalwerx in Massachusetts, and workshops and short courses in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.


Materials & Tools 

There is a $102 materials kit for this workshop which covers all tools and metal needed, shipping of tools to the students, and rental fee of tools. At the end of the workshop students will either ship tools back to Cynthia Eid or purchase the tools they wish to keep. Kits will be mailed out by April 26th to the shipping address you have listed on your Metalwerx account - if you register after this date, you will need to pay for expedited shipping or order the following supplies yourself. Domestic US shipping only. International students will be responsible for assembling their own kits - a resource list will be sent.

Students who have most or all of the tools in the materials kit may choose to opt-out from receiving the kit by letting us know at [email protected] that they do not need the kit. In this case the materials fee will be reimbursed to the student and a resource list will be sent for them to find/purchase their own tools as needed. All items listed below will be included in your kit:

  • 1 x 78-02 synclastic hammer
  • 1 x LH-1 synclastic hammer
  • 1 x LH-4 cross-peen
  • 1 x LH-4.5 cross-peen
  • 1 x LH-5 cross-peen 
  • 1 x Fretz ultimate spiculum hammer
  • 1 x Fretz HMR-401 planishing hammer
  • 1 x Fretz HMR-6 planish/mallet
  • 1 x large ball bur - for carving depression
  • 1 x Bonny Doon urethane hammer
  • 2 x urethane inserts 
  • 1 x Joyce Chen Shears
  • 1 x soft plastic vise jaws
  • 1 x stiff vise jaws 
  • 1 x mini Eid/Longhi anticlastic stake
  • 1 x small Eid/Longhi anticlastic stake
  • 1 x medium Eid/Longhi anticlastic stake
  • 1 x large Eid/Longhi anticlastic stake
  • 1 x NC Black large spiculum block
  • 1 x trailer hitch ball
  • 3 x pine blocks for synclasting
  • NuGold sheets
  • Creative Metal Forming book - email [email protected] if you would like this item included with your tools
Students should bring 

Students will be responsible for providing the following common studio items. Some suggested vendors have been linked (click red text):

  • 1 x torch - capable of annealing 2"x6" 22g metal (Cool Tools)
  • 1 x fireproof torch area - steel baking sheets will work (Amazon)
  • 1 x gas for torch - butane if using Blazer Big Shot (Amazon)
  • 1 x soldering board - 12"x12" recommended (Rio Grande)
  • 1 x crockpot - for pickle (Amazon)
  • 1 x pickle - sodium bisulfate or citric acid (Rio Grande or Amazon)
  • 1 x copper tongs - for pickle (Rio Grande)
  • 1 x large bench vise - mounted to sturdy stump or bench (Amazon)
  • 1 x half round file - #2 cut (Rio Grande)
  • 1 x steel ring mandrel - unmarked for hammering on (Contenti
  • 1 x magnifiers - optional as needed (Rio Grande)
  • 1 x half round steel/plastic pliers - optional (Rio Grande)
  • 1 x earring mandrel - optional (Rio Grande)
  • bowl of water - for quenching after annealing
  • ventilation system or fan and open window
  • sink or bucket of water - for rinsing after pickling
  • Scotchbrite pads - for scrubbing metal
  • old towels - to dry metal
  • bolts, screws, or c-clamps for fastening vise 
  • 22g-24g Argentium or sterling silver sheet - optional
  • well fitting gloves - to protect hands - optional
  • hydrogen peroxide (3%) - for pickle solution - optional

You will need a laptop, desktop computer, iPad, or tablet as well as a secondary video device with a tripod or holder (such as a smart phone) connected to the Zoom meeting so that the instructor can see and assist you. 



Materials Cost



Cynthia Eid


May 3 -7, 2021


10:00 AM -4:30 PM


3 days

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May 4

May 6

Virtual - Eastern Time Zone
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