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You have a firm grasp of the techniques and materials used in metalsmithing, now if only you could hold onto that darned piece you’re working on! At least half the challenge of metalsmithing is being able to hold onto your project while you manipulate it with your tools. The great news is that, though a strong grip is helpful, it’s not always required. In this demonstration-format workshop, students will be introduced to a collection of tools and techniques, from simple to elaborate, that have been developed over the centuries to address the challenge of holding our jewelry work. These tips are particularly helpful for those with tendonitis or other physical challenges. 

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Meet the Instructor

Kristin Mitsu Shiga

Kristin Mitsu Shiga is a metalsmith and educator who has been tinkering together her life in the arts since 1991. In addition to showing internationally, her work is featured in numerous publications, including Art Jewelry Today, The Art of Enameling and several of Lark Books' "500" series.  From a long line of teachers, Kristin has built a thriving metals programs in New York, Oregon, and in her current home on the Big Island of Hawai’i. You can learn more about Kristin’s work as a maker from her segment on Oregon Artbeat or on her studio’s retail website at okinajewelry.com.

Materials & Tools 

A extensive list of everything that will be demoed by the instructor can be viewed here. Students do not need to have or purchase any of these materials in preparations for class. 




Kristin Mitsu Shiga


August 8, 2021


3:00 PM -6:00 PM


1 day

All Levels
Virtual - Eastern Time Zone
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