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Enthralled with color, but don’t have an enameling kiln? In this live virtual workshop, students will learn the basics of the traditional enameling technique of cloisonné, but will instead work with custom pigmented cement to create interesting designs. Students will have access to videos explaining the basics of sawing, filing, sanding and tab setting as well as get live instruction on how to prepare materials for cloisonné.

In addition to providing an introduction to pigmenting and working with cement on a jewelry scale, contemporary artists that work in both cloisonné enameling and cement will be discussed. 

This course will consist of three sessions on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Class will be held live via Zoom during the designated time frames. A link to the Zoom meetings will be sent via email.

Each session will be recorded and you will receive a password protected link to the recordings that will expire after 30 days. 

Please read the Materials & Tools tab! 

Meet the Instructor

Marissa Saneholtz

Marissa Saneholtz makes narrative based jewelry and objects using humor and sarcasm to comment on gender roles in American society.  She has been published in several books, including Art Jewelry Today II edited by Jeffery Snyder, Humor in Craft by Brigitte Martin, and Narrative Jewelry: Tales from the Toolbox by Mark Fenn. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally and is in the collections of the Dorothy McKenzie Price Permanent Collection at Bowling Green State University, the Racine Art Museum in Racine, WI, and the Enamel Arts Foundation, Los Angeles, CA. Currently, she is teaching at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, OH.

Materials & Tools 

To lower expenses for students, the following $70 supply kit will be sent to the shipping address you have listed on your Metalwerx account. Kits will be mailed out by November 27th. If you register after this date, you will need to pay for expedited shipping or order the following supplies yourself. Please inform us if you reside outside of the United States, as your shipping cost may differ from the standard shipping included in the materials kit fee and may also need to be expedited. All items listed below will be included in your kit.

  • 1 x stainless steel mixing/inlay tool
  • 3 x diamond burs - variety of shapes
  • 2 x 3/4" copper discs - 20g
  • 2 x 1" copper discs - 18g
  • 5 x nickel tie-tack posts
  • 3 x tie-tack clutches
  • 1 x flat rate shipping box
  • 15ft x annealed/pickled cloisonné wire
  • 1 x 1gm Thompson Ceramic Pigment OC-71 - orange
  • 1 x 1gm Thompson Ceramic Pigment OC-70 - red
  • 1 x 1gm Thompson Ceramic Pigment OC-169 - tan yellow
  • 1 x 1oz Mason Stains 6600 - best black
  • 1 x 1oz Mason Stains 6126 - hazelnut brown
  • 1 x 1oz Mason Stains 6108 - walnut brown
  • 1 x 1oz Mason Stains 6363 - sky blue
  • 1 x 1oz Mason Stains 6339 - royal blue
  • 1 x 1oz Mason Stains 6266 - peacock green
  • 1 x 1oz Mason Stains 6200 - evergreen
  • 1 x 1oz Mason Stains 6204 - victoria green
  • 1 x 1oz Mason Stains 6450 - praseodymium yellow
  • 1 x 1oz Mason Stains 6479 - sunshine yellow
  • 1 x 1oz Mason Stains 6028 - encapsulated orange
  • 1 x 1oz Mason Stains 6088 - dark red
  • 1 x 1oz Mason Stains 6304 - chrome-tin violet
Students should bring 

Students will be responsible for providing the following items. Vendor links (red text) have been put next to some suggested items: 

  • Rockite cement - at least 1lb (Amazon or Lowes)
  • DAP Weldwood Contact Cement - any hardware store (Hope Depot)
  • small containers - to store and mix cement in (Target)
  • measureing spoons - 1/4tsp, 1/2tsp, 1tbsp
  • double stick tape (Amazon)
  • tweezers - clean - for bending cloisonné wire (Rio Grande)
  • french ear wires or 4" of 20g sterling wire - if not soldering (Rio Grande)
  • bench pin with V slot (Rio Grande)
  • smooth jaw pliers - flat nose or chain nose (Rio Grande)
  • hand drill, drill press, or rotary hand piece (Rio Grande)
  • jeweler's saw frame - 5" recommended (Rio Grande)
  • 2/0 saw blades - or your preferred size (Rio Grande)
  • stainless steel ruler - with mm and inch - 6" suggested
  • 6" half-round swiss cut #2 file - or 8" mill bastard file (Rio Grande)
  • needle files (Rio Grande)
  • scribe, T-pin, or sharpened nail (Rio Grande)
  • bench pin (Rio Grande)
  • drill bits - size #54 - at least 3 in case of breakage (Rio Grande)
  • wet/dry sandpaper - 220, 400, 600 grits (Amazon)
  • 3M scotchbrite scrubbing pad (Amazon)
  • scrap wood - to drill into
  • sheet metal - 18g or 20g - optional for making self-designed pieces
  • sink or bucket of water - for rinsing
  • dust mask or respirator - important
  • safety glasses - important 
  • sketchbook, graph paper, or copy paper
  • masking tape - any dimension
  • ultra-fine point Sharpie or permanent marker
  • pen/pencil
  • old towels/shop rags
  • sciccors
  • hard work surface - steel block, vice, anvil, etc.

The following items are optional but will be needed if students wish to solder the suggested tie-tack pins project. An alternative project will be explained for those who do not have a soldering setup and/or want to make earrings.

  • fireproof soldering area - steel baking sheet will work (Amazon)
  • Solderite™ pad or fire brick (Rio Grande)
  • torch setup - suggested item comes with EMPTY tank (Rio Grande)
  • flux (Rio Grande)
  • small brush - for flux
  • hard silver solder (Rio Grande)
  • fan and open window - for ventilation
  • cross lock tweezers (Rio Grande)
  • soldering pick
  • glass jar or crock pot with fresh pickle solution
  • glass bowl of water - for quenching and/or rinsing




Marissa Saneholtz


December 4 -6, 2020


1:00 PM -3:00 PM


3 days

All Levels
Virtual - Eastern Time Zone
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