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  • Tira Mitchell started big but keeps getting smaller–her hand-engraved projects, that is. What began as a gamble to start a career led to being recognized as one of the country’s most highly-regarded engravers of fine jewelry, heirloom knives, custom guitars, and fast motorcycles. Yacht cannons, musical instruments, elegant firearms, bells, cars and ostrich eggs—she’s worked […]
  • Nineteen ninety-six was a pivotal year for Barbara Becker Simon. The accomplished metalsmith had already spent decades working on commissions with the usual mainstays of gold and diamonds when, totally by accident, she learned to make glass beads. “I fell in love,” she said. “Bam, boom! Be afraid. Be very afraid,” she cautions those who […]
  • Marje Royer says her motivation is curiosity.  She first became interested in the process of jewelry-making when she had a pair of cufflinks custom-made for her husband, who was fond of wearing shirts with French cuffs.  She was not happy with the results, so she essentially decided to learn to do it herself.   Bracelet […]
  • Alison Antelman studied television production but, bitten by the metal bug, began to to explore the world of jewelry making. Today she is a multi-award winning artist who has come full circle. Alison’s work is easily recognizable. Her jewelry sparkles with natural stones set in recycled gold against a backdrop of lustrous, oxidized silver. It […]
  • A rare opportunity to learn Korean-style damascening with Brian Meek occurs next month at Metalwerx, immediately following the close of the SNAG convention in Boston. Brian, known as the “Tool Guy” at Knew Concepts metalsmithing equipment, will lead the two-day workshop in which students will learn to make what he describes as “metal Velcro.” The […]
  • Jacqueline Galusha commutes from one end of the state to the other for back-to-back classes at Metalwerx, and stays in the Boston area with friends for weekend workshops.  She lives with her husband on his family’s generations-old 400-acre Berkshire dairy farm in Williamstown, a beautiful expanse of rolling hills, pasture and woods with views into […]
  • Whether or not you love that dirty water, Bostonians are proud to call this place home.  If you haven’t had a chance to find out what makes our city so special, Memorial Day weekend presents the perfect opportunity when the Society of North American Goldsmiths presents its 44th annual conference, “Impact: Looking Back, Forging Forward.” […]
  • Chuck Tramontana is devoting serious studio time to silversmithing, gold granulation, and enameling, and feels he has only just begun.  Chuck retired in 2007 after a long and successful career mostly devoted to fine silver, beginning, after his graduation from the Cleveland Institute of Art, as a designer with the Reed & Barton Silver Company.  […]
  • John Cogswell is enjoying the onslaught that never happened. The historic Juno Blizzard bypassed New York and instead has buried New England in a manageable dump of blessedly light and fluffy snow. He is author of the highly praised book, “Creative Stonesetting” (Brynmorgen Press), as well as an esteemed educator, illustrator, jeweler, and silversmith. He […]
  • Like other Metalwerx students, Mary Ann Coffey has turned to Metalwerx to explore and develop her creative instincts, following that irresistible path that leads to making things. Mary Ann graduated from UMass Amherst, earned an MBA from Babson College, and settled in Colorado, where she started her own computer service business. There she took a class […]