Go ahead and break things! (destructive testing)

Things aren’t always what they seem to be. So I am a big believer in destruction testing, especially with pearls.

Don’t do this with a beautiful Tahitian pearl. They are hard to culture and the nacre is usually deposited in a layer over a bead. Same for Edison brand freshwater pearls from China. But break apart a cheap freshwater pearl from China and you may find surprising value. Or not. Many of these gems can be almost 100 percent nacre. Others consist of a paper thin layer over a bead that looks like cuttle bone.


Secure test pearl to bench block with clear plastic tape (so you can see it.)
Place on a sturdy surface, such as a stump. Put in safety glasses and strike the pearl with a fairly light hammer.  Then examine the layers through a lens.

Tip: If you buy a strand of pearls at a gem show, ask lots of questions. Then test one of them immediately, to make sure it is what it is.

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