Examples of class projects

Top: Bracelet by Cynthia Eid

Bottom: Bracelet by Carl West

Hot and Cold Forging for Steel and Silver


Cynthia Eid & Carl West

Level: All Skill Levels
Requirements: None
Program: Spring
Status: Closed
Length: 1 Days
Tuition: $ 150
Materials: TBA
Date: June 15, 2012 - June 15, 2012
Time: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location: Metalwerx & Prospect Hill Forge

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Two bracelets, two schools, and two styles of forging in one day! Metalwerx is teaming up with its neighbor/blacksmithing school, Prospect Hill Forge, for a new workshop intended for students who are curious about blacksmithing and jewelers seeking a broader understanding of what hammering does to both silver and steel.

The class will be broken up into two groups, with a maximum of 8 students apiece. The first group will spend the morning at Prospect Hill forge, while the second group works at Metalwerx. Everyone will get together in our garden for a group lunch, before switching facilities in the afternoon for the full forging experience!

At Prospect Hill Forge (located right next door to Metalwerx):

Students will be working mild steel, hot, with hammer and tongs, forge and anvil, in traditional blacksmith fashion. Techniques covered include forging (drawing to a taper), bending, and if there is time and interest, twisting. Learn about heat and hammer control while creating a ready-to-wear bracelet with a tapered sinuous motif (pictured above note: students are welcome to sketch ideas beforehand, what's in the picture is not prescribed, just an option.)

At Metalwerx:

Forging is one of the oldest and most useful traditional metalsmithing techniques. Through forging, metal is stretched or compressed, changing its form. Participants will learn how to hammer comfortably and with control while transforming a straight piece of metal rod into elegant and fluid jewelry. Students may create their own versions of the bracelet(s) demonstrated, or develop their own designs.

Materials & Tools
Materials for individual projects will be available at the workshop. Both bronze and sterling silver can be purchased at the current market rate from the instructor at Metalwerx. Steel needed at Prospect Hill Forge is included in the cost of tuition. Protective gear will be supplied.

Students Safety Attire:

  • Sturdy closed-toe shoes (boots or sneakers are ideal)
  • Natural fiber clothing you're willing to get dirty and sweaty in.
  • Pants should come down over the tops of your shoes


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